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On a mission to help people to find time to slow down.

The world is a bit mad at the moment -It was like that before the pandemic really. Irrespective of the external world, Yoga gives me a moment to slow down, check in with myself and move my body. I want to share this experience of peace with as many people as possible. I look forward to flowing with you.

The Brotherhood

I know what you are thinking, it is 2021, haven’t you heard of equality? I get you. I fully support equality and at all of our other classes we actively encourage everyone to join. However, this class is a little different. Yoga in the west is a predominantly female centric industry (over 80% in fact). I want to break this stigma, and I think that perhaps the first step towards this is offering men a space to practice with other men. At a time when male suicide rates are triple that of women, anything that can help to calm the mind is only a good thing.

About Me: About Me
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